Protecting Your Interests

The Association of Indigenous Oil Marketing companies of Ghana, has the core desire to uphold and defend the general interests of the industry stakeholders. This is done using the unified voice of the Association in the policy making processes undertaken by the regulator and government in this ever-changing landscape of an industry.

We as an association believe that by ensuring the Active Listener and Communicator schemes, we will further promote the integrity of the Collective Bargaining Agreement to ensure the collective interests of our members are met.

Strong Voice

Human societies are inherently unjust and such can be said about the state of the industry until now. We believe that the power of freedom of speech is one that should used by any and all members of the industry  in order to make a difference. It takes guts to stand up and speak – whether in person or on paper. No matter the topic, it is difficult. Unfortunately, most industry stakeholders prefer to take a back seat approach to speaking up and getting their voices heard, hoping others will do the work for them. This isn’t necessarily due to negligence, ignorance, or laziness, but most people just prefer to focus on their personal lives, rather than take on too many exterior responsibilities through involvement in affairs that don’t directly concern them, the current flaws in the running of industry issues could be traced back to this issue or lack thereof. They may be afraid of looking foolish or talking about sensitive information. Sometimes it seems like staying silent is the wiser choice. All these thoughts couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The persuasiveness of a strong voice can bring about huge changes.

Another reason to make your voice heard is that you can meet and connect with like-minded people in our industry. You may not be alone in your thinking. It’s entirely possible that your insightful observations and conclusions have surfaced in the minds of others. By submitting your view, you encourage other people who share your same interests or concerns to reach out to you. Others may share your thoughts and opinions but may be also unwilling to speak up. By speaking your mind, you encourage them to voice their opinions as well.

Accelerating Businesses

The association of Indigenous Oil Marketing companies (AIOMC) focuses on accelerating the growth and sustainability of our members. We foster and promote the adoption of best business practices, principles, and technology assimilation. 

AIOMC membership provides you access to cutting edge resources and technical support services that are guaranteed to elevate your business.

The AIOMC keeps you constantly updated on happenings on global oil industry scene through participations in global conferences, symposiums and discussions.