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The Association of Indigenous Oil Marketing Companies (AIOMC) of Ghana is an industry association that represents and promotes the interests of Ghanaian owned establishments in the downstream oil sector.

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 Legal Services

The government issued regulator of the industry, National Petroleum Authority (NPA), operates using the constitution of Ghana as its guideline for operation so While most people are usually informed of general laws, understanding the intricacies, specific details and processes involved may not always be easy for everyone. Having a lawyer to assist you is important to translate the details into actual information that you can understand and follow.

Not all legal concerns and processes go through lawsuits and court cases. Even drafting contracts, agreements, and wills can be done by lawyers to ensure the client’s best interests. Financial agreements are common in business. Whether it is a small business or a big enterprise, companies rely on their lawyers for legal counsel.

The Association has in its ranks Legal professionals who have years of expertise in the litigation issues that exist in the industry. This is because we understand it is important to always get legal assistance from the professionals

You will know the next step to solve your problems and avoid any mishaps along the way. You will have better peace of mind, knowing that every legal process and decision is given expert legal consideration. Because a lawyer is well-versed with the law, any process or claims will be put into light at the best possible way. The Association is fully aware of the varying pitfalls that exist in the industry so in the provision of legal services Any possible and all risks are potentially lessened.

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