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The Association of Indigenous Oil Marketing Companies (AIOMC) of Ghana is an industry association that represents and promotes the interests of Ghanaian owned establishments in the downstream oil sector.

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 Financial Assistance

Knowing the structure of the industry we realize that many times for the smooth running of a company there is often at times the need for financial assistance which is, any type of monetary help or aid that a person, organization requires, the financial assistance may be in the form of guarantees, loans, cost-sharing arrangements, subsidies.

In the business of running an oil marketing company looking to get a loan from a bank may find it hard to find the best deals available. Finding different offers is, unfortunately, very time-consuming and stressful. When you are running a business, time becomes one of the most valuable resources you have, next to money. You can do only so much with your time throughout the day. Therefore, people who are control the affairs of their own business often require help to save time and money whenever possible. Institutions that can provide financial brokering for businesses are great for business owners that are crunched for time and need assistance in finding financing at reasonable rates. Not only can they help you find fantastic loans, but they can also help you concentrate on what matters most, which is your business.

The Association on matters of this nature will work as an intermediary between the financial institutions or lenders and the OMC business owners.

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