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The Association of Indigenous Oil Marketing Companies (AIOMC) of Ghana is an industry association that represents and promotes the interests of Ghanaian owned establishments in the downstream oil sector.

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mission & vision


our mission & vision

Promoting the growth and development of the indigenous oil industry stakeholders. 

Protecting Your Interests

We actively monitor regulations, policies, and procedures that have a profound impact on oil industry and ensure they promote indigenous interests.

Strong Voice

It is undeniably prudent that our voices have to be heard. The persuasiveness of our collective strong voice can bring about huge changes our industry.

Accelerating Businesses

The AIOMC keeps you constantly updated on happenings on global oil industry scene through participation in global conferences, symposiums and discussions.

mission & vision


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Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

We act as an intermediary between financial institutions and OMC business owners.

Legal Services

Legal Services

We provide access to experienced legal professionals in oil industry litigation.

Technical Support

Technical Support

We offer a broad range of apt solutions to your diverse and unique technical needs.

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